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The things you need to do after having published an article

The things you need to do after having published an article

Posted By Mathias Philippe on July 29, 2013

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You may think that once you’ve written an article the work is done but no, you still have a long journey ahead if you want it to be seen…

Keyword optimize your post

This one is before writing actually but very important. Try to cover many keywords and alternatives in your text but don’t forget you’re writing for humans, not for robots.
To find alternative keywords you can use the “~” on Google it’ll search for synonyms also:
Google keyword alternative example

Syndicate your content

When posting, it’s important to share your articles as much as you can and to update all the services that may be interested in it: aggregators, search engines…
On WordPress, be sure to update the list in Settings > Writing with all the services you can find, here is the list I use:

Shorten your post’s URL

This one is not mandatory but you can do it to make sharing more practical & readable, it’s up to you.

Tailor your status updates

When you share your articles on your social profiles & pages, make tests to see what works the best, the most effective catchwords… They will probably vary from one network to the other. Take the time to tune, you’ll get more engagement back.

Post teasers on other sites

Do not hesitate to engage conversation around your content topics in the communities you belong to, be careful not to spam also!

Bookmark your content

Use bookmarking services like StumbleUpon but don’t abuse of it, I recommend to bookmark only the articles you’re the most proud of, be sure to bookmark also content from other websites when you browse so that your profile does not look “spammy”.
A good way to improve the number of bookmarks is to share the bookmarked address of your article in place of it directly.
Here is an example with these 50 life hacks to simplify your world, as you can see they include the top-part for easy upvoting & sharing on Stumbleupon.

Comment on other blogs

On this one also, be careful not to be spammy, find interesting blog articles with a complementary topic and add useful comments on them. If you have nothing new or interesting to write just pass to the next one, don’t force it too much.

Seek and assist on Twitter

It’s probably the hardest one, go on Twitter and search for keywords related to your last post, use the ones you found in the first step (see above).
Then try to engage conversation and mainly answer if there are questions. Add your link when it’s relevant.
Some users won’t answer or will in a rude way, just forget it and focus on the positive. :)

Add to email signature

It can be very effective to add your blog in your email signature, it’ll push your contactw to visit it and they’re more likely to share & comment than anybody else.
The simplest way I know to include your last posts in your email signature is Headline Animator Overview by Feedburner.

Share your blog posts with target customers

If your last article covers a topic that concerns an existing project or if you talked about it with clients, send them a quick email about it, they may like to read it.
Once again don’t abuse of that, if you send weekly emails, your messages will probably be ignored, including the most important ones.

Add your blog post to your next newsletter

Sounds mandatory… but it’s good to remind it in case you don’t do it already. You don’t have a newsletter yet? Sounds like a good reason to start one. :)

Ask other bloggers to mention your post

Try to create relations with bloggers, either geographically related or in your industry (or both), they will really help your content to spread.

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The things you need to do after having published an article

Author: Mathias Philippe

I have been freelance web developer for five years and I've specialized in SEO for the last 5 years. I successfully helped clients to gain traffic & sales online in three countries: France, New Zealand & Philippines.

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