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Proven marketing strategies for small budgets

Proven marketing strategies for small budgets

Posted By Mathias Philippe on August 7, 2013

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Small business owners cannot always have the marketing budget they’d like to have but there are still techniques they can use to reach their goals, here are some on these. They require time though as you may expect… You can’t have your cake and eat it too. 🙂

Have a website

Web DesignEven a simple one
Nowadays any business has to be online, whatever how small I’d say. You need a website and can opt for a very simple (and cheap one) at first with at least a page about you and/or your company, a contact form and a blog to be able to manage your content by yourself. Blog extensively then.

Work its SEO
Be sure that your website is optimized for Search Engines in order to get passive traffic from it.

Don’t neglect local optimizations
It’s important to be on the map to be found in your catchment area.

Be active on online communities

Social ConnectionsThe main goal here is not to be “spammy”, always add value whatever you post… and don’t always post to advertise.
You can use the following methods to be more visible on Internet:
Blog Commenting
Follow bloggers related with your field and/or geographical area and do not hesitate to comment on their articles, you can get backlinks but mainly you’ll start to be familiar to them. It’s an easy way to build relationship.

It may sound outdated forums are very good places to hang out if you’ve a little time to spend. In a few minutes you can scan topics and answer relevant ones too, once again work as much your reputation as your SEO.

Websites like Quora (read my presentation here) are pure gems to build your reputation and show your expertise. They work a littlw like forums but with stricter rules.

Social Media
Take time to find the best social media to be active on and engage your audience there, it’s one of the most efficient ways to expand your brand at lesser costs.

Work your content

Write!Fresh Updates
It’s important to post new content as often as possible, but do not do this at the expense of quality and it’s then preferable to post a little less often if you provide gems to your audience, see below.

Make it as viral as possible
Always try to make your content viral and for this it means to make it memorable. It has to be WOW so that your visitors have an irrepressible envy to share it with their network. To achieve this the easiest way is to take position and stick to it: Believe in something and say it fiercely. You can also be funny and/or controversial, pay attention to your image.

Re-purpose your content
We talked about it here (click for more details) already but it has to be mentioned in this article too for sure. Once you’ve written an article, adapt it in slides, video, infographic, audio… You can then share it on new network like Slideshare, Youtube, Pinterest, podcasts… to make it visible to more people. These formats have also more chances to be shared, making it more viral.

Try Case-Studies
This is a very good idea to showcase your work without being over-selling, you can ask your clients what they think about the product/service they bought from you and make an article of it. Add more or less details depending on your goal but you can share your step-by-step approach of this particular project, what happened on your side, why it’s special for you and for your client…

Guest blog
You can probably find pertinent blogs where you could share your content in order to reach a greater audience. Contact their owners and propose them to blog for them.
You can also find blogs that have already guest posts to make things easier, Search on Google something like ‘business field “guest post”‘.
An example query could be:

wedding planner manila “guest post”

Secret Tip: “Spy” on your competitors if they already use such techniques and approach the owners of the blogs on which they posted to propose them a complementary article, there are way more chances you’ll be accepted if you do that.

Other techniques

Web Marketing & Sales GrowthConferences
They’re a great way to get noticed if you manage to be a speaker, it’s perfect to build your image as an expert. even if not try to attend them as they’re also good places to networks with peers and to learn new things.

Use your current network
Spread the word about your activity and invite the people you know to do so, whatever if they’re clients, friends, gym buddies… The more the better.

Give away a lot
When you contact a prospect, give her already a lot of info, it’ll showcase your expertise and will build you a very positive image in her mind.
For example us a web agency we often pre-audit our prospects web properties to show them the areas they need to improve and explain them how to do it.
A Catering Service could for example contact a company with tips and recipes for a perfect event.
A home-builder can share the tips they know about materials & good practices to go green and have a energy-efficient house.
And so on…

Advertise online
By advertising on search engines and/or social media, you have a total control on your budget and can adjust easily for better returns. It’s perfect for smaller budget and with active monitoring you can achieve excellent results.

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Proven marketing strategies for small budgets

Author: Mathias Philippe

I have been freelance web developer for five years and I've specialized in SEO for the last 5 years. I successfully helped clients to gain traffic & sales online in three countries: France, New Zealand & Philippines.

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