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This is a project which we’re particularly proud of as it definitely shows what we’re capable of.

We started more than one year ago with the goal of becoming a major player in the real estate market in Cagayan de Oro City and we managed to reach this ambitious goal as you’ll see below. Without using bad SEO practice it was challenging to say the less but it worked perfectly.
The timing of Google’s new updates to clean search results helped us as we follow the guidelines.

To start with here is the overall graph of the audience since the launch:

Overall Visits for since the launch
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By being consistent in our efforts and with a clear strategy, we achieved our objectives.

  • We created an optimized website that we knew would deliver results later.

  • In the same time, we worked its SEO and mainly we focused our efforts on Social Media Marketing to get noticed fast.

  • It worked as expected and our visibility grew slowly without being high positioned on Google yet.

  • Finally our efforts on the SEO front bore fruit and we raised to the top of search pages on many primary and secondary keywords.

We made this website one of the most famous, if not the most famous local website for people looking for real estate services. Local SEO grants us to reach a borad audience in Cagayan de Oro while “general” SEO helps us to get in touch with OFWs (filipinos working abroad).
Social Media add to the mix and lets us know more about what our audience & prospects want and what we may do to help them.

Here are a few examples of our results on Google:

You can see three things from these screenshots of Google’s pages:

  • We rank high among natural results (the free ones, not the sponsored ads), generally just after Sulit (hard to beat without a high budget or a dedicated team).

  • Our results are more personalized with a picture.

  • We also rank our videos high.

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  • Responsive Design

  • Local & International SEO

  • Social Mwdia Marketing

Tools we used

  • Wordpress

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