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How Social media helps your SEO

How Social media helps your SEO

Posted By Mathias Philippe on July 23, 2013

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If you work with a SEO agency like us, they probably told you that Social Media signals were getting very important for Google and it uses them intensively to rank pages.

Social sharing is in my opinion a signal amplified by other activities: likes, comments, +1s… But you can also see things on another side and focus on backlinks as before, it’s what the author of this infographic does.

He shows us how getting more followers and a higher Klout score seems to be correlated with more backlinks and a lower Alexa rank (the lower the better in case 🙂 ).

Are you using social signals as part of your SEO strategy? Tell us more in the comments.

How Social media helps your SEO
Source: Social Marketing Writing

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Author: Mathias Philippe

I have been freelance web developer for five years and I've specialized in SEO for the last 5 years. I successfully helped clients to gain traffic & sales online in three countries: France, New Zealand & Philippines.

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