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Get more engagement on Facebook

Get more engagement on Facebook

Posted By Mathias Philippe on August 1, 2013

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Here are a few techniques that will help you get more likes, comments & shares on Facebook.

Post fresh content daily, it’s the most important tip. If you want to get organized and save time, you can start scheduling so that you can prepare your daily updates for the week all in once. You’ll also be more concentrated on the task.

Space your posts, we often get excited when we start marketing on Facebook and we’ve a tendancy to post to often which is not very efficient. It’s better to let time between your updates to reach more people… and not to bother your audience.

Post engaging content, be interesting, funny, informative… Give your audience what they like (test often). Pictures work very well, abuse of them.

Ask Questions, this one really depends on your audience and its size, you need to try it to see if it works or no. When it does, it’s a very good way to create conversation and find out more about them.

Get more engagement on Facebook

Author: Mathias Philippe

I have been freelance web developer for five years and I've specialized in SEO for the last 5 years. I successfully helped clients to gain traffic & sales online in three countries: France, New Zealand & Philippines.

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