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Brand Expansion in 3 social phases

Brand Expansion in 3 social phases

Posted By Mathias Philippe on July 26, 2013

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Here are three steps to help grow your online visibility through social media.

I. Examine your target Customers

At first you need to experiment and test what your audience is interested in, it’ll help you give them what they want and increase your conversions.
Redo these types of tests from time to time to adapt in the future.

II. Use new-found Data to move towards Acquisition

Once you know more about them you can focus on acquiring more viewers & improve their engagement.

III. Build Customer Retention

Last but not least, reward your customers to increase your sales & retention.

See the details in the infographic below

Brand Expansion in 3 social phases

Author: Mathias Philippe

I have been freelance web developer for five years and I've specialized in SEO for the last 5 years. I successfully helped clients to gain traffic & sales online in three countries: France, New Zealand & Philippines.

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